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Ken Rotundo

Ken Rotondo


Veterinarian, speaker, entrepreneur, Ken is a recognized expert in practice management and specializes in customer experience engineering and consumer intelligence. He lectures extensively throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Ken Rotundo

Dr. Sunaina Shrivastava

Chief Behavioral Advisor

Having spent 7+ years in the field of Behavioral Science/Economics, Dr. Sunaina Shrivastava is a specialist in terms of Consumer-Behavior and Judgment & Decision Making. She also serves as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing at The Lally School of Management at Renssalear Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in New York. Prior to this, she worked as a Behavioral Scientist with the Ipsos Behavioral Science Center at Ipsos.

She has worked on numerous client projects across a variety of industries including consumer packaged goods, banking, and, insurance to name a few. She is well versed with the use of psycho-physical methodologies such as eye-tracking, facial expression analysis etc to gain essential consumer insights. 

Dr. Shrivastava holds a Ph.D. in Marketing and Consumer-Behavior from The Tippie College of Business at The University of Iowa. She also holds an MBA degree in Marketing and Supply Chain Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Sam Palazzole

Claire Dinaso 

Vice President, Director of Client Services

Claire is a skilled facilitator of the Mind Genomics science. Her in-depth understanding of the Mind Genomics methodology enables Claire to effectively guide clients in developing appropriate inputs for the science to ensure the most actionable, insightful output.  Claire holds an MBA in Marketing Research from the Baruch College Zicklin School of Business and is a proud alum of The Bronx High School of Science.      

Len Morley

Len Morley

Senior Implementation Manager

Len manages and delivers key market research projects domestically and in a wide range of industries including legal, retail, education, pet, fundraising, medical, health and fitness.

Beth Burke

Taarini Gupta 

Behavioral Science Research Associate

Taarini helps with the implementation and execution of the research studies keeping in line with the science of Mind Genomics. With her background in behavioral research she is able to ensure smooth functioning of the research studies conducted by the team. Taarini holds a Masters in Behavioral and Decision Sciences from the University of  Pennsylvania and a bachelors degree in Psychology.


Beth Burke

Elizabeth Burke

Comptroller ~ Director of Operations and Administrative Services

Elizabeth is responsible for overseeing the accounting, financial and administrative reporting for Mind Genomics Advisors. She also collaborates with our team of professionals to assist with specific company or client needs in her role as Operations Director.   

Bert Kreiger

Robin Morgan 

Director of Strategic Communications

Robin brings 20 years’ experience in both traditional and digital marketing to Mind Genomics. She is a communications professional with an understanding of the importance for aligning message and mission with the right medium. 

Beth Burke

Sam Palazzole

Channel Partner, Healthcare

Sam brings 50 years’ experience in healthcare to Mind Genomics. His healthcare experience started with 8 years in clinical medicine as a combat medic and ER/OR nurse/supervisor.

I would talk about someone who I think has done as much to make Americans happy as perhaps anyone over the last 20 years, a man who is a great personal hero of mine: someone by the name of Howard Moskowitz, who is most famous for reinventing spaghetti sauce…What Howard did is he fundamentally changed the way the food industry thinks about making you happy…

Malcolm GladwellMalcolm Gladwell
Author of, The TIpping Point, Blink, & Outliers

The basic premise of Mind Genomics is that to address today’s challenges, one must understand the mind of the consumer and other relevant stakeholders…Dr. Howard Moskowitz and his colleagues have been developing over the last 30 years an approach whose intellectual and computational relation to conjoint analysis and other powerful analytic method allows for a variety of creative applications.

For any domain of human life, Mind Genomics® is able to identify the phrases which constitute for the respondents the domain of investigation, and within it what is important and what is not…Whereas conjoint analysis and other approaches have done this before for specific applications, the unique feature of the Mind Genomics® worldview is the relentless focus on cumulative knowledge across applications, with the goal to develop a usable, generalizable, accessible database of the findings.

Jerry WindJerry Wind, Ph.D.
The Lauder Chaired Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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