The Analysis & Recombination of Messaging

identifying exactly what to say, how to say it and to whom

Mind  Genomics®

An actionable, scalable, and empirical means for discovering what to say, how to say it, and to whom

Proven Science

The underlying patent-protected science of Mind Genomics® has a 40+ year history that includes prominent international awards & hundreds of scientific papers.

Scalable Personalization

Consumer Mindset Mapping uncovers the motivating messages for a certain behavior (e.g., purchasing your product). This segmentation is efficiently scaled at the individual level using our Viewpoint Identifier solutions, allowing you to tag each consumer with the exact message that brings them closer to “yes.”

Record of Success

Mind Genomics® historically increases compliance by 5%-30%. Our solution has been deployed across dozens of sectors including healthcare, financial services, automotives, charitable giving and consumer products.

Connections Made Using Personal Viewpoint Identifier™

Our Clients

How we measure success:
by engineering stellar outcomes and ROI in every market and social field

Stand Up to Cancer
St. Mary's Healthcare
Columbia College
American Heart Association
Cornell University
Fusion 92
H & R Block

The MGA Team

Meet the people behind the math and the science

Ken Rotondo

Ken Rotondo


Taarini Gupta

Tim Feldman


Lem Morley

Claire Dinasio

V.P., Director of Client Services

Taarini Gupta

Taarini Gupta

Behavioral Science Associate

Taarini Gupta

Sunaina Shrivastava, Ph.D

Chief Behavioral Advisor

Taarini Gupta

Dr. Gaurav Jain, PhD

Executive Advisor & Academic Expert- Behavioral Economics

Lem Morley

Robin Morgan

Director of Strategic Communications

Lem Morley

Len Morley

Senior Implementation Manager

Beth Burke

Beth Burke

Comptroller, Director of Operations and Administrative Services

Beth Burke

Sam Palazzole

Channel Partner

Lem Morley

Matthew J. Rumbaugh

Health System Advisor

Mind Genomics Advisors

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