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Are you sending the right message to your clients?

What motivates clients often transcends traditional demographic groups. Here’s a new way to increase compliance and get through to clients about caring for their pets.

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Understanding the Customer through Simple, Yet Strategic Research, Increases Credit Card Acquisition and Paves the Way for Future Growth

Direct marketing in general, and credit cards in particular are plagued by an everincreasing cost of customer acquisition. Depending upon the particular market, it may take upwards of 40$-80$ (US) to acquire a customer, since the typical response. Anything that can create a ‘lift’ in direct marketing would therefore by welcome in the industry. This report shows how an easily acquired yet profound knowledge of the customer, acquired in a systematic way, increased the acquisition of credit cards. Part of the report shows what we did, and how we thought. At the same time, the rest of the report shows what we learned, from a process viewpoint to make direct marketing efforts ‘smarter’.

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How Features Of Pictures In Concepts Drive Semantic Scale Profiles And Purchase Intent Utilities In A Conjoint Task: The Case Of Coffee

Abstract: Consumer researchers frequently use semantic scale profiling to assess the meaning of verbal elements and conjoint analysis to assess the contribution of verbal elements to consumer interest. This paper extends those analyses to pictures, and shows (through a post hoc analysis) how the components of pictures used in a conjoint measurement task drives purchase intent, and communication. As elements of concepts, pictures differ from one another in their utility values and communication profiles. These picture-to-picture differences can be traced in part to the presence of 11 key components of a picture (e.g., people versus coffee product). Those features of pictures play different roles, depending upon the country in which the study is run. The data and analysis for this paper come from a post-hoc analysis of the semantic profiles and utilities of 38 pictures, used in a larger scale conjoint analysis study of coffee.

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What to say, how to say it, and to whom?

Successful sales depends on refining your message & knowing exactly what to say, effectively delivering your message and finally knowing precisely the mind-set and identifiable uniqueness of the individual consumer or prospect.

For over a century marketing and sale professionals have recognized the importance of identifying unique predictive attributes of their customer and have attempted to customize motivating messages to these groups.

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