Mary C. Becker

Vice President, Project Management

Mary C. Becker Mary C. Becker

I have been fortunate to work in several industries including defense contracting, higher education, real estate, financial services, and predictive analytics. Financial analysis helped refine my critical thinking and research abilities, while working with a large, private research university further honed my skills in diplomacy and consensus-building. I pursued an MBA in Organizational Behavior to expand leadership skills and to help me understand how others see us and how subtle biases can shape our perceptions of others. Working with a small engineering start-up then allowed me to fully exercise my creativity and required tenacity, and financial advising refined my relationship-building skills, even as it deepened my understanding of financial markets - including the acquisition of a CFP Professional designation - and of the global economy. It also taught me patience, empathy, and tolerance.

Networking and traveling continue to open doors, and today I work with Mind Genomics Advisors, a fascinating company that uses math and science to provide empirical insights into the unstated, subconscious preferences of individuals. My unique blend of experiences, skills, and abilities makes me who I am today.

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