Len Morley

Senior Implementation Manager

Len Morley Len Morley

As the Senior Implementation Manager at Mind Genomics Advisors, Len Morley passionately pursues one of his key business goals of implementing measurable success for business. In this capacity since July 2009, he has managed and delivered key research projects both domestically and international in a wide range of industries including Legal, Retail, Education, Pet, Fundraising, Medical, Health and Fitness.

In the Legal Industry, Len developed methods for litigation attorneys to uncover positive and negative case elements for jury trials, shadow jurors, and possible jury selection to provide an edge in winning cases. In the retail space he developed and managed the research for a major European marketing company, a national florist, auto sales, and online retail. Additionally, he implemented the research to scientifically determine a startup on-vitamin store’s brand, line of products names, advertising and pricing.

In the Education space Len managed research for development of marketing messages for universities and colleges for both online and campus schools. In the area of charitable giving he worked with a major Ivy League university to improve fund raising in the alumni and general population. In the Medical space he has assisted in the implementation and research for hospital patient medication compliance. Lastly, in the fitness industry he worked with a national facility to improve customer sales and service messaging to increase revenue by increased sales and customer retention.

Prior to Mind Genomics Advisors Len was instrumental in the development and deployment of leading-edge technology and the application of that technology in business specific areas such as data communications, process flow, customer service, marketing, back office administration, sales, and project management.

Len earned a degree in Electronic Engineering in 1983 and worked or partnered in multiple organizations to apply this expertise, holding corporate positions from front line sales, service, and support, to executive positions of COO, CTO, and CFO. These companies provided B2B and B2C products and services consisting of early desktop PC’s, Servers, LAN/WAN, internet service, Internet sites, E-commerce sites, application development, marketing strategies and tactical marketing.

Len brings decades of experience with his strengths in process and process re-engineering. He has an uncanny ability to identify potential business problems based on current or proposed process flows, which he is able to transform into more streamlined methodologies for better business functionality and improved bottom line.

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